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Headmaster's Corner

"The Living Curriculum"

Dear Cougar Family,


Before the faculty started their Thanksgiving holiday last week, we spent two days of in-service downtown at our annual ACSI educators' convention. Dr. Vernard Grant, the director of Urban School Services for ACSI, challenged us in his key note address titled "The Living Curriculum." Quoting Dr. Grant:  "Teaching has to be 'incarnational' so that it'll  be 'interpersonal' so that it'll be 'inspirational' so that it'll be 'transformational'....God has equipped you as teachers with the love of God that has been 'spread abroad in your hearts'. (It's) not in the curriculum, it's not in the books, but in you as the teacher. You, as the teacher, are the 'living curriculum.' And it is you as teachers that God has raised up for 'such a time as this' to bring hope by providing a great education to His children."


Teaching, nor parenting, is for the faint of heart. The children God has given you and in turn you have  brought to us, are His children. As we serve you by attempting to meet the needs of your children, we as teachers realize we serve a higher authority as we attempt to serve God's children by being that "living curriculum" that we strive to be.


Though our school continues to add new students (four new ones this week, with two more starting in January), we will be trying to recruit more new students for the 2013-2014 school year as well. We will be asking you as parents to re-enroll your children for the 2013-2014 school year very shortly, as reenrollment begins January 8. We realize by doing so we are asking you to trust us again with your precious children. How have we done this year? I.e., has it been "worth it?" We trust that this year has been worth it for your children. No reason to wait till January, I'll tell you now: we want you back--all of you--for the 2013-2014 school year!   Not only do we want you back, we need you back, as together, we continue to build a great Christian school in our community. 

In Christ,

Andy Wright