Student Leadership Institute

The Student Leadership Institute at Canyon Creek Christian Academy’s mission is to assist young people in the development of their leadership philosophy and skills by exposing them to a biblically-based, practical, multifaceted year-long program.

Students are trained in the biblical model and definition of leadership with a core emphasis on three operating principles. This model, founded from God’s Word, focuses on individual and institutional commitments to becoming selfless and other-centered. It is the Institute’s goal that students connect these principles to their campus, church, and community. Students are challenged to become more like Christ as they strive for a higher level of leadership training. The four components that comprise the Institute focus on key characteristics of Jesus’ leadership. The impact from the Institute is designed to affect both the individual and their sphere of influence. There are very few schools, if any, which have taken leadership training to this level. Realizing that most students are extremely busy with extracurricular and church commitments, the Student Leadership Institute takes place primarily during regularly scheduled school hours.


1 The Biblical Principle of Serving Others Jesus modeled the principle of focusing less on Himself and more on others. This principle will present the case that biblical leadership is fully realized when one becomes a servant. Mentoring, discipleship, and evangelism will be natural when one truly devotes his life to serving others.

2 The Biblical Principle of Evangelism Jesus instructed His leaders to share the good news of salvation. Active participation in Kingdom work includes a strong commitment to share the gospel with others. This principle will focus on lifestyle evangelism.

3 The Biblical Principle of Serving in a Local Body of Believers The body, or church, reaches maximum potential when the individuals become one body. Utilizing one’s spiritual gifts within the framework of the local church is God’s design. This principle will focus on serving Christ in the church.



Student Leadership Institute will focus on five major components, all related to the purpose and goals. The components include Leadership Courses/Discussion Groups, Direct Leadership Opportunities, Marketplace Issues, Leadership Camps, and Specific Leadership Skills.

1 Leadership Courses? ?Spring Leadership courses will provide the theory and skills training necessary for a strong biblically-based, philosophical foundation. Students will have a variety of seminars from which to select.

2 Direct Leadership Opportunities – Campus Connection? ?These opportunities will bring the Institute out of the classroom lecture phase and into a real hands-on application through service and servant leadership.

3 Marketplace Issues Each fall, students will participate in issues that affect them in the world around them.  They will work in small groups, investigating God’s Word together to determine the basis for their Christian worldview and how they are to interact with those around them in the school, church, and community, now as well as in their future endeavors.

4 Leadership Camp Student Leadership Institute students will attend a 3-day leadership training camp in the fall. Several summer camps specializing in biblically-based leadership training will be encouraged as well for partnership with Student Leadership Institute.

5 Specific Leadership Skills

Specific skills and training will be purposefully integrated into the other four components.



Student Leadership Institute curriculum is based on each student developing a personal spiritual growth plan that includes three key areas:

  • Theory (conceptual understanding)
  • Skills (specific approaches)
  • Application (experiential learning) 

Who is Eligible for Student Leadership Institute?

  • Students entering grades 9 through 12
  • Students demonstrating a personal commitment to Jesus Christ
  • Students desiring to influence others toward a life for Christ
  • Students willing to undergo an evaluation of their character and lifestyle