Spiritual Development

The spiritual growth and development of our students is the number one priority of the teachers and staff at CCCA.  Beyond just helping them develop a Christian worldview, we want them to consistently make God honoring life choices that are governed by the holy, inspired, infallible Word of God.  Our teachers, our administrators, our classroom practices, our spiritual development activities and our students themselves all foster an environment that promotes this priority.

We pray in every class.  We begin homeroom by pledging allegiance to the United States of America flag, the Christian flag, and to the Bible.  We follow that with a Bible reading and/or short devotional.  We require a Bible class for every grade level.  Chapel services are held weekly for all grade levels.  The student pastor from Canyon Creek Baptist Ministries helps organize chapel, but the praise services for the upper school are led by the student chapel band.  Many of the devotionals are heart rendering presentations by our students.

The Student Leadership Institute is another great tool for helping our students to mature spiritually.  Through it, they attend a local retreat, participate in focused Bible studies, perform area service activities, and go on a variety of mission trips representing Christ's command to reach out first locally and then to cast an increasingly broader net of service and evangelism.

When surveyed, our parents consistently list our spiritual emphasis as one of the things they are most pleased with at CCCA.  We are pleased and humbled by this affirmation of our commitment in this area.

Your fellow servant in Christ,

Eduardo Pazos 

School Chaplain