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Canyon Creek Christian Academy offers a comprehensive athletic program allowing students from 6th-12th grade to participate in interscholastic competition. Our middle school teams participate in the IAA, while our high school teams compete in TAPPS. The coaches at Canyon Creek have been charged with instilling strong character, an unwavering work ethic, and the commitment to the pursuit of excellence in our student-athletes. The Canyon Creek Cougars have been instrumental in driving school spirit, as well as being a shining example of CCCA’s mission to love God, love others, and learn without limits. We would love for you to come out to one of our many athletic events and support the Cougars!



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CCCA Athletics Statement of Purpose: To supplement the mission set forth by Canyon Creek Christian Academy
CCCA Athletics Statement of Philosophy: We are working with parents to use athletics as a part of the process of teaching students to live Christ-Centered lives.
CCCA Athletics Statements of Belief: At CCCA we believe..
1. Interscholastic athletics is a prime medium in which to teach life lessons and and reinforce Biblical Truth in students.
2. Character can be developed and refined through athletics.  Competition in athletics can teach students how to handle difficult and adverse life situations in a way that is God-honoring.
3. The benefits of discipline, a strong work ethic, setting and pursuing purposeful goals, responding appropriately with authority, self-sacrifice, humility, and self-control can be taught through athletics. These biblical principles are important in making life-long servants of Christ.
4. Athletics can teach that respect should be given and then earned. Athletes must show respect for our school, faculty, coaches, teammates, the schools we compete against, and the officials.
5. Teamwork is one of the simplest and most important concepts taught by athletics. Membership on a team is a privilege and carries great responsibility. A team is a group of people working together towards a common goal. Every member of a team has a specific, God-given role that is crucial to the success of the group.
6. At CCCA, we stress through athletics that relying on Christ is the only way to overcome adversity.

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