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Theatre classes are structured to help students lay a firm Biblical view of using arts to bring honor to The Lord, while ensuring a safe and appropriate environment for students to learn about theater performance. 

Middle school theatre class focuses on introducing students to basic elements of performance and public presentation. Technical elements (breathing, enunciation, movement, volume and projection) and artistic elements (emoting, storytelling, timing) are taught and practiced.

The high school course provides practical experience in theater by allowing students to participate in production through work on the school’s One Act Play and Spring Musical.  Students will learn musical theatre performance technique and theatre speech. Each student will have the opportunity to audition for stage roles. There is an in-depth focus on the study of character development, the rehearsal and audition process, and an understanding of story.  This course is a performance class, and requires group participation.
Performance in the school play(s) (outside of class time) is also required.

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