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Band is a course designed to take students who know little to nothing about music to a collegiate level in 7-8 years. During these years students will have the opportunity to perform at concerts, contests, recitals and pep band events. Students will grow as a team at social events and gain an understanding of the music profession during field events. Band will be taught in a manner that allows for Biblical training through music and an expression of faith at every event. The CCCA Instrumental Program is proud to offer the following performing groups: 

Beginning Band

In this class students will learn the fundamental skills needed to be able to play their instrument. Students will also review and learn basic music reading skills.

Middle School Band

Middle School Band will teach students ensemble concepts necessary for large and small groups. This course will also instruct students in the areas of technique and tonal development.

High School Band

The High School Band will hone their ensemble, technique and tonal skills while performing in a wide variety of situations. More emphasis will be placed on solo and small ensemble skills than in middle school. Students will have the opportunity to pursue different musical styles with their instrument.

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