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“That the arts are corrupt does not mean that Christians can abandon them. On the contrary, the corruption of the arts means that Christians dare not abandon them any longer.”
Gene Veith

The visual art program at Canyon Creek Christian Academy inspires students to draw closer to God and to express themselves through various fine art mediums. Each class helps students learn to to see the beauty of creation everywhere. God, the Master Artist, displays His creative attribute right from the start: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth...“

Our philosophy of visual art education includes the following:

Developing and utilizing a foundational understanding of the elements and principles of art.
Developing and strengthening drawing ability, the first and most fundamental art skill.
Exposing students to various 2-D and 3-D mediums such as painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture.
Helping students increase their knowledge and appreciation of art history, master artists, and how it all influences art today.
Encouraging each student to improve skills and enjoy visual art, regardless of natural ability.

Class structure consists of lecture, demonstration, critique, and hands-on studio work. Students will work on projects which underscore lectures and discussions as well as perfect technical skills. In addition, students will occasionally be given homework and quizzes over material presented in class. An occasional research project can also be expected. Class critiques will teach students how to give and receive constructive feedback, aiding in creative and critical thinking development.

Anne Blackburn

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