High School Transfers

Transfer in high school is based upon, but not restricted to, an evaluation of the student's transcript and entrance exam. Transfers during a school semester are discouraged except in extenuating circumstances approved by the admissions committee.

The academy will not admit students who are 1) married; 2) divorced; 3) parents; 4) age 20 or older by time of graduation; 5) not living with their parent or legal guardian; in addition, students who have 6) a history of drug use or possession or alcoholic consumption; 7) a criminal history.

Special Considerations

CCCA is equipped to serve students with minor learning differences through our Discovery School, which focuses on strengthening the areas of difficulty with the ultimate goal of each student becoming an independent learner.  With this goal in mind, because of high academic standards of CCCA, classroom accommodations are used as deemed necessary for students enrolled in the Discovery School while the student is receiving educational therapy to strengthen the areas of initial difficulty, and removed as progress is made toward becoming a more independent learner.

Please click to view the Discovery School section of our website for more detailed information.