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Middle School

The foundational elements of all education
Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic
are the paramount focus of Lower School.
Advanced studies in every subject
English, Mathematics, History, Science, Bible, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Technology, and other electives
prepare Upper School students for college.


So what is the focus of Middle School?


At CCCA we recognize that Middle School is unique—we don’t run it like a “junior” high school—we have built our program to fulfill the needs of this special group.

Firm Foundation
English, Math and Bible are allotted the most classroom time.
In addition to English Class, 6th grade students have a dedicated Reading Class that meets four days per week. Books are read aloud and students discuss and take notes. This process fortifies and refines critical reading, listening, and study skills. 7th and 8th grade students also benefit from specialized enhancement periods each week (1 period per subject): Reading, Writing, and Study Skills.
Expanding Horizons

Science and History classes are taught four days per week to prepare students for the advanced disciplinary focus of High School. Computer, Foreign Language, and Fine Arts are studied in progressively greater depth in Middle School as well.

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