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Lower School

Thank you for inquiring into Canyon Creek Christian Academy as a place God would have you entrust your child(ren). We count it an honor to partner with you to provide an educational environment that encourages a student to strive and achieve an excellence in academics. This achievement is to prepare the students to be used by God for His glory and purpose.  Proverbs 3:13-26 and Daniel 1:17-20

5-Year-Old Kindergarten


The general format of the Bible curriculum is to enable students to personalize the principles taught throughout the week. The students will learn about God through the lives of the major characters throughout the entire Bible. At the beginning of the year, they will start with Creation and will be introduced to Cain and Abel, Abraham and Isaac, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Samson, Elisha, Daniel, and Jonah. At Christmas, they will hear the story of Christ’s birth and continue with the life of Christ during the spring semester. Weekly, students are given Bible memory cards that teach Bible verses as they learn the alphabet. Delightful Biblical songs about God’s truth and principles of living are added to capture the imagination of the five-year-olds. 

Book - Learning About God - Positive Action for Christ Curriculum


The kindergarten classes use the A Beka Book reading program. This program teaches children basic reading skills using intensive phonics, not just a sight-reading program garnished with phonics. The phonics approach is taught systematically using the following steps:

  1. Learn to recognize the short vowels

  2. Learn to recognize the consonants

  3. Learn to blend two letters together (ta)

  4. Learn to sound one-vowel words (tap)

  5. Learn to recognize long vowel words and to sound two-vowel words (tape)

  6. Learn to read special sounds (ch, ow, thr)

With phonics instruction, children will be able to read twelve small readers.

ABEKA Curriculum


Children will enjoy varied activities throughout the year as they learn number concepts and formation through 100, simple addition and subtraction combinations, telling time, number sequences, number words, and working with money. 

Book - Number Skills K - ABEKA Curriculum


Kindergartners learn about God’s plan for seeds, animals, the seashore, health, weather, and seasons. 

Book - God's World - ABEKA Curriculum

Social Studies

Kindergartners are becoming aware of the wonderful world around them and interesting people that make up that world. They will learn about community helpers, America – our great country, and children of ten different countries.

Book - Social Studies - ABEKA Curriculum

Penmanship (Manuscript)

The appealing manuscript book correlates with the basic phonics rules to help children learn and review phonics as they practice correct writing formation. 

ABEKA Curriculum 


This colorful book introduces children to basic concepts of art and gives them a variety of opportunities to color, paint, trace, draw, cut, and glue with a variety of materials. Month by month projects correlate with academics, Bible teachings, and the seasons.


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Book - Readiness Skills and Art Projects K - ABEKA Curriculum