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Canyon Creek Christian Academy



7th Grade Texas History

This course serves to teach our 7th grade students about the earliest settlers of our great state through present-day events.  Students learn about explorers, Indian tribes, early leaders of our state and many other factors that make Texas what it is today.  Students will research a famous Texan, will create their own mission and will create their own ranch.


8th Grade U.S. History

This course is a year-long overview of American history from before the Inca and Aztec civilizations through present day events.  Students will be able to see how God orchestrated the events that brought settlers to the New World, how are nation was born, and how He worked and is still working today in our great country.  Students will complete a weekly current event summary to help bring into focus events that affect their daily lives.



Geography surveys world and continental geography. Regions are considered with special attention to unique and defining characteristics and their relationship to culture and historical and current events. Regular map construction and interpretation are required.   

World History

The World History course is designed to help students gain an understanding and appreciation of the history of Western and World Civilization. The survey covers a full span of history: birth of civilization and vast empires, democracy and republicanism in Greece and Rome, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution through to the current day.
Dual Credit* United States History
The Dual Credit United States History course begins briefly with the earliest recorded historical accounts of the North America Continent. Following a review of the nation’s beginnings (philosophical, cultural, historical), major documents and pivotal events, students focus on the Civil War and the history that has unfolded since the Reconstruction Era through to modern times. The course concludes with an examination of current social issues and their historical roots.
*(Non-Dual Credit United States History may be elected. Reading assignments are reduced, and assessments (both length and content) are adjusted to an appropriate high school level course, rather than a college level course.)


Government is a survey of the American system of government. The founding principles, and the basic structure and organization of the federal government are emphasized. State and local government are briefly discussed, as is civil participation, and the process of change. Additional topics include civil rights, civil liberties, historic pivotal events and major supreme-court decisions.

**This course is one-semester in duration.


This course is designed to familiarize the student with the fundamentals and basics of economics.  Emphasized principles and terms include: macro and micro economics, supply and demand, the study of various economic systems, entrepreneurship, a study of what the Bible says about economics, contemporary application, and personal decision making.

**This course is one-semester in duration.

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