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Canyon Creek Academics

Academics at Canyon Creek Christian Academy are based upon a Biblical worldview of life. Our objectives are Christ-centered and directed by an excellent staff who serve as the key in the process of Christian education.  The teacher is a role model in how to take on and live out the character of Christ. 

According to Luke 6:40, this characteristic is required in order for the teacher to help students truly conform to the image of Christ, to know and do the will of God and to desire to seek God’s personal plan in their own lives.  We guide each student to the character of Christ by developing a whole person spiritually, morally, academically, socially, and physically.  We desire to help the student see life from God’s perspective and not from man’s alone.

Canyon Creek Christian Academy prepares students for college, life, and eternity.  In the Lower School we provide a place of exploration and discovery for young students while shaping their conscience and character.  Upper School students are offered a rigorous academic program to challenge them intellectually while grounding them in a foundation built on God and His Word.  Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of academic, cultural, social, and athletic programs that broaden their horizons.  Students are given the space to explore new interests and develop their talents while cementing values along the way.

Canyon Creek Christian Academy is a place where...  
  • Students can learn to love God with all of their heart, soul and strength.
  • Teachers can freely teach from a Biblical Christian worldview.
  • The school and the home can cooperate closely in every phase of a student’s development as the character development taught in the home is positively reinforced in the school.
  • Students can learn to implement standards of Christ’s character in their daily lives.
  • Students understand the importance of excellence in the academic disciplines and a place where they can acquire the skills required for higher education and future employment.
  • Teaching and learning processes are enriched by resources in technology.
  • Students can develop a clear understanding of their unique identity in Christ and are given opportunities to discover and develop their spiritual gifts.
  • Students can develop a right relationship with God, which will result in respect and loving concern for family members, teachers, and all others in society.
  • Students gain an appreciation of different peoples and cultures.
  • Students learn the value of serving others and volunteerism.
  • Students are challenged to become responsible, self-motivated, life-long learners.
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