Many of our parents and grandparents were part of what Tom Brokaw has called the “greatest generation.” We are living in what has been has referred to as the “last Christian generation.”  Canyon Creek Christian Academy strives  to prepare the next generation to perpetuate Christianity by pursuing excellence in a biblical worldview, academics and citizenship. We find these words in Judges 2:10: “There arose another generation after them (those who had followed God), which knew not the Lord.” At CCCA, we believe the only hope for us lies within the hearts and lives of our children.

Academically, we have had several National Merit semi-finalists and finalists. We have graduates in institutions of higher learning all across the country, many of which have been awarded tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money. Our standardized testing scores are well above the norm both locally and nationally. Spiritually, we have Bible classes daily, as well as weekly chapels. We take our students on mission trips; we feed the homeless; and we make many other opportunities for service available. We train our students to put their faith into action through student leadership training and opportunities. In the fine arts, both our bands and choirs receive superior awards at competitions regularly. Our art department has brought home numerous awards and honors. We have a talented theater department that produces delightful performances, and whose members have likewise received many honors and recognitions as well. In the athletic realm, we have won state championships in football, volleyball, and track, with many of our athletes competing collegiately across the country.

Though we are very proud of all the accomplishments of our students, it is our number one desire that we raise up champions for Christ. Students who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ and are striving to live by the teachings of the Bible are the hope we have for our world. We desire young men and women of character, with integrity, who are service oriented, diligent, faithful, dependable, and compassionate; men and women who will, in turn, serve our Lord by being good citizens in their communities; men and women who love their families, are excellent employees, who are active in their local churches, and who leave a lasting impression for Christ on their world.

Together as a school community—of students, parents, and teachers—we are CCCA.

We look forward to partnering with you in the educational process. And, when your years at CCCA come to a close, like John, the aged apostle of old, “We will have no greater joy than to hear that our children (our students) are walking in the truth”. (III John 4)

In Christ,

Andy Wright, Headmaster