Faculty Information


Jennie Fricks            K3              

Phoebe Young         K3              

Allison Wright         K4              

Kelly Seiler               K4              

Katie Cheever          K4              

Kayla Godwin          K5             

Kim Brown               K5            

Crystal Lopez          K5             


Lower School

Nancy Reedy           1st              

Megan Daly             1st                                

Jennifer Goldberg  2nd             

Vicki Seelye             2nd             

Kelly Thiessen        3th              

Carmon Shires        4th              

Lori Ennis                 5th              


Upper School

Martha Dekle          6th               

Shannon Teter        History 7-8, English 7,8 (Student Activies Director)      

Jane Meyer               Math 7-9         

Aaron Wilder           Computer 7-9, Yearbook           

Ross Tasche             English 9-12 (NHS Sponsor)           

Julie Hargrave         Math 10-12          

Mike O’Brien            History 9-12, Bible 8, 10 and 11          

Jeny Frewin              P.E. 1-8         

Anne Blackburn        Art           

Shar Goodale            Band 5-8; Music           

Chad Crawford          Science 7, 8, Physics 12      

Julie Francis              Science 9-12            

Joy McGlothlin          Theater 7-12       

Gary Jones              Art, Bible 9

Andy Wright             Bible 12

Discovery School

Sharon Wright        Director/Educational Therapist

Julie Hale                  Educational Therapist

Jill Schroeter           Educational Therapist

Liz Laurence           Education Therapist



Julie Denton            Receptionist /Security

Kellie Nix                 Administrative Assistant

Susanne Seitz         Director of Admissions

Diane Kendall         Accounts Receivable

Carolyn Stratton    Educational Consultant



Adam Miller               Headmaster

Dee Dee Mims          CCLC Director

Jeanene O’Brien       Assistant CCLC Director

Karen Trader            CCLC Registration

Rachel Averett          School Nurse

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